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Sunday Morning Classes 9:30AM
Sunday Morning Worship 10:30AM
Unified as Grasshoppers
One grasshopper seems insignificant as it leaps across the lawn. But when it joins forces with other grasshoppers, the resulting swarm can soon devour all the vegetation in its path. Grasshoppers demonstrate the power of community. What they cannot do by themselves, they can accomplish together. In the book of Proverbs, the wise man Agur […] Read More...
Edgewood Happenings
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Praying for safe travels and blessed time with family this summer. Follow
Our Daily Bread Food Pantry service date August 9, 2014 8:45-11:30am. Mark your calendars! Thank you! Follow
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Children's Worship class has stopped for the summer. Bring quiet activities for your children during service at 10:30am :) Thx. Follow
Gander Brook Men’s Retreat September 18-20! For more information visit View Follow
Gander Brook Ladies Retreat September 11-13! For more information visit View Follow
Family Weekend at Gander Brook Christian Camp! August 29-September 1 View for more information! Follow
There are still a few more weeks of camp left! Visit View for more information! Follow
Mansfield Food Pantry July 12,2014. We hope to see you there! Follow
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